Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wendy Fiore smooth boobs and go wild

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  1. Please if you may, send this out to as many websites that are not affiliated with Wendy Fiore, but contain pictures and other content.

    "4 Topless"
    I think it is simple that most and maybe all of us want to see the best thing from Wendy Fiore completely topless WITH NO PASTIES but just 100% NUDE. And many argue that she will never do this, maybe she won't, but it is worth an effort to demand this. After the nip-slip from the live black latex pic shootings the website had many more viewers, members, and visitors. Here is proof that her website is on decline
    We must come up with a plan that will fulfill what I think and hope most of us want using an economic strategy and here it will work.

    1.Just recently, Wendy posted "Changing Bras" which might satisfy some viewers and draw in some more. It is right now that people stop visiting her site. This will scare her to thinking that the content was either too explicit(which it wasn't)or that it was lacking interest and that it was boring. So right now PEOPLE MUST STOP VISITING HER SITE.
    2.She stated in her twitter and website that her fan base is one of the most "loyal" and "best", but if the fans WITHDRAW THEIR MEMBERSHIP, it will make her reconsider where their line of loyalty is drawn. If possible the members that do withdraw from her website must CONSIDER SAYING "The website is great, but it isn't much to see Wendy teasing us." or "Wendy is great, but she needs to show a little more than 'pasties' and 'hand covered nipples'." and "Although it is great to chat with her and see her live, it doesn't add that much excitement to draw our attention to her to 'hopefully' see her in a nip-slip."
    3.Now she will begin to feel stranded. She might have faith with any communication networks such as TWITTER or FACEBOOK and this is where we begin to DEMAND. Make the simple demand "We want to see you NUDE." It will then draw pressure.
    4.This is the LAST ATTEMPT to get her to show us her goods. It may be demeaning and demoralizing, but IF WE ARE DESPERATE POST THIS:
    The very FIRST PIC.

    This process will take weeks maybe months, but if we want to see her fully exposed, nude, and uncensored, then we must be patient and willing to go on with this. WE MUST GO FOR NUDE AND EXPOSED!
    ONE LAST THING: For people actually desperate to see new content from her, BE CAREFUL. She might have connections with other websites that post her pictures and she will check how many visitors view HER ALBUMS AND PICTURES. Do not view them and view other topless models that are around. And ONLY TOPLESS MODELS.